Is your advisor a fiduciary?

On Monday, February 23, President Obama spoke at an AARP function about the importance of having an advisor who is held to fiduciary standards. Investment advisors that are held to fiduciary standards are required by law to put their clients’ interests above their own; whereas, brokers who are not held to the same standards can […]

What is the “Real” Unemployment Rate?

We’ve seen big news lately that the unemployment rate has gotten all the way down to 6.1%. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Finally,  jobs are now available for almost anyone that wants  to work. After all, 5% unemployment is widely considered to be full employment so 6.1% is pretty close, right? Not so fast! It […]

72% of Boomers Want To Work In Retirement

If you’ve been watching the tv show you know that I believe that retirement is being “re-defined” by Baby Boomers. As a group, they have been known for breaking the rules and replacing them with rules that work for them. So why should retirement be any different? It turns out that a big percentage of […]

Underwater Mortgages Still Holding Back Real Estate Markets

Those of you who have been following this blog for years will remember how I shared a lot of information a few years back on “underwater mortgages”. These are situations where the home is worth less than the mortgage son it. After the 2008 crash, up to 1/3 of homes with mortgages were underwater. Today, […]

Home Buyers Are Paying Cash – What Does It Mean?

Here’s an interesting headline from the home markets – “All Cash Deals Hit 43% Of Total Home Sales In 1st Quarter”. What is going on? It turns out that almost half of all homespurchased in the 1st quarter were paid for in cash. No mortgage, no bank help, cash. According to RealtyTrac, this number […]

What Does A Bond Bear Market Look Like?

Since 1981, interest rates have steadily fallen.  For bond values, that represent the Garden of Eden, as bond values are inversely related to interest rates. And to be clear, inversely related means that bond values move in the opposite direction as interest rates. Here’s the problem. As you are probably aware, interest rates are about […]