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Keith W. Ellis Jr.

Owner / Investment Advisory Representative

Keith Ellis began his career by working with retirees and taking care of their insurance and long-term care needs. During that time, he grew tired of being limited to offering only a handful of products to the clients he cared about, so he began looking into different ways to help his clients protect their investments and financial needs.  He found that he could best serve his clients by starting an indepenent firm. In 2003, Keith and his partners co-founded SHP Financial - a financial firm focused on providing independent, unbiased financial planning for retirees and pre-retirees.

Now, for over two decades, Keith Ellis has been helping clients preserve and protect their assets, allowing them to enjoy what they have worked so hard to accumulate throughout their retirement years. Keith is insurance licenced, and holds his Series 65 securities license which allows him to provide financial and investment advice, as well as personally manage investment portolios as a Fiduciary Advisor.   As a Fiduciary Advisor, he is required by law to avoid conflicts of interest, operate with full transparency and always do what is in the best interest of his clients. To read more about the unique differences of Fiducary advisors, click here to read a recent article in USNews.

Keith is a co-host of the “Retirement Road Map” radio show which has been airing weekly for over 7 years on various local radio stations including WBZ, WRKO, and WXTK.  

Keith has also been seen on local network affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX as a guest on “The Consumer’s Advocate” TV show, and has been featured in several national publications such as Forbes magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Newsweek.  

Keith Ellis is also co-author of the book “Victory:  Winning in Health, Wealth & Success."*

Keith earned his Bachelor’s degree from Franklin Pierce University with honors, and currently resides in Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts with his wife and and 2 boys.  With is busy life, he still devotes time to various charities, including the Plymouth Council on Aging, Plymouth Area Community Television (PACTV), Cranberry Hospice/Jordan Health Systems and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  

National Interview with Keith and Derek

Derek and Keith being interviewed by Emmy Award Winning Director, Nick Nanton, on the Consumer’s Advocate TV show that aired on local network affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX.

Click here for Keith's Form ADV Part 2B.

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*The book “Victory,” was co-authored by Derek Gregoire, Keith Ellis and 34 other authors.

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The book “Victory: Winning in Health, Wealth & Success,” co-authored by Derek Gregoire, Keith Ellis and 34 other authors made’s best sellers list on June 27, 2013.”

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