Our group chose to volunteer our time at Rosie’s Place, a sanctuary for women and children in poverty or homelessness. Rosie’s food program helps an average of 280 people per day, or 100,000 meals each year. We made our own donations to fund, prepare and serve a lunch shift in the dining room. Unlike other food programs, Rosie’s does not require guests to line up and wait to receive their meals.

After welcoming them, we walked with them to find seats, served them at their table, and cleared their places when they were finished, just as we would a guest in our own home. Rosie’s is much more than just dining service, as they also offer a food pantry, educational services, health and wellness services, legal aid, and an overnight shelter for those in need. Rosie’s Place is able to provide these services with the generous support of individuals, foundations and corporations like SHP, and does not accept any city, state or federal funding.

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