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“SHP Financial’s  “Retirement Road Map” Radio Show

For close to 10 years, SHP Financial Co-Founders Derek Gregoire, Matthew Peck & Keith Ellis have been hosting this weekly talk radio show with the mission of empowering today’s retirees and pre-retirees – so you can make better financial decisions for your future.  Each week you’ll hear timely financial news and topics, along with local and national guest interviews, all geared towards helping you get to and through retirement.

Listen to SHP Financial’s weekly radio show on the following stations:

WBZ 1030 AM – Saturdays 9pm – 10pm
WRKO 680 AM – Saturdays 6am – 8am
WXTK 95.1 FM – Saturdays 6am-7am
WSAR 1480 AM – Saturdays at 10am and Wednesdays at 1pm 



Listen to previously aired radio shows here!

Original Air Date: 8-2-14
Show Topics Include:

    • IRA Options
    • Target Funds
    • Using Annuities & Structured Settlement Transfers as Bond Alternatives

Original Air Date: 7-26-14
Show Topics Include:

    • Rebounding from Retirement Setbacks
    • Creating Income in Retirement
    • Matthew Peck’s Market Report
    • Email Question of the Week

Original Air Date: 7-5-14
Show Title: “Is too Much of Your Retirement Money in Stocks?”

Original Air Date: 6-28-14
Show Title: “Not Your Grandma’s Retirement”