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Course 10

3 Major Goals When Building Real Estate Plan

Listen to Derek Gregoire and Attorney Keith McManus discuss the three major goals behind real estate and legacy planning. They will explain the importance of having a personal real estate and legacy plan to help protect your future wealth.

Course 09

Looking Ahead of Your Taxes

Don’t get caught looking behind at your taxes. Listen to Derek Gregoire share tips on how you can start taking actions today that might help benefit your future tax returns.


Course 01


Watch SHP Financial co-founders Keith Ellis and Derek Gregoire explain how our tax system works and bring to light some of the new opportunities that live within. They’re designed to give you a better understanding of tax laws and educate you on how to keep more of your money during retirement.

Course 02


No one wants to live in fear of outliving their retirement savings and that’s why this lesson on Income is designed to give you tips to better organize your retirement income. Listen to SHP Financial co-founder Derek Gregoire walk you through the ins and outs of managing your income in retirement so you’re best prepared to live the lifestyle you want…for life.

Course 03


Let SHP Financial co-founder Keith Ellis inform you on the 5 different ways you can protect yourself, and your health during retirement. He’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each path so when the time comes, you have the information to help choose the plan that is the best for you.

Course 04


Derek Gregoire, SHP co-founder, explains the effects volatility can have on your investments and how the portfolio you choose can impact your savings down the road. He’ll provide you with easy to follow examples that demonstrate the long-term outcomes of financial decisions that you make today.

Course 05


Watch along as SHP Co-Founder Matthew Peck walks you through the 3 Major Phases of Your Financial life and the importance of each stage. Everyone’s retirement path is different and Matthew does an excellent job at providing tips on how to prepare for each stage as well as how to always make the most of your savings.

Course 06


In this course, SHP Co-Founder Keith Ellis dives into what’s known as “The 3 Worlds of Money” and the pros and cons of each as they relate to your retirement portfolio. It’s important to know your investment and insurance options, this video can help make you aware of all your options so when the time comes, you can make the best decisions for your future.

Course 07


Have you Stress-Tested your portfolio? Listen to SHP Co-Founder Derek Gregoire explain to you the different ways you can Stress-Test your portfolio to help better protect and understand your finances. The market can change on the flip of a dime, it’s critical that you understand your risk level so if the market does take a dip, your hard-earned income is secure.

Course 08

Act Now to Secure Your Retirement

The Essentials You Need to Know About The SECURE Act
At the end of 2019, Donald Trump signed a 2020 spending bill called the ‘SECURE Act’ that will undoubtedly change the way many American’s prepare for retirement. The new laws affect multiple areas of retirement planning such as RMDs, IRAs, and 401(k)s. This was the biggest piece of retirement legislation to be passed in years, make sure your retirement plan is prepared for these changes by attending watching our webinar video!