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At SHP Financial, we’re honored and humbled to be regularly called upon by members of the media to provide our financial thoughts and opinions on various current news topics. We invite you to explore some of our latest media interviews and appearances below.




2504, 2019

Derek Gregoire Featured on WRKO Radio – Tax Day Is Behind Us … Now What?

On April 24th, Derek Gregoire joined VB in the Middle for a featured interview on WRKO Radio to discuss what you can do now that Tax Day is officially over. He explains that just because the day is over, that does not mean it's time to ignore your finances! Derek goes on to suggest that you should even make sure your financial plan places an emphasis on taxes. He gives advice on how to manage your money and be smart about it. Click Below to listen to the full featured interview with VB in the Middle!

2404, 2019

April 23rd 2019, Matt Peck Featured in US News & World Report

Matt Peck was recently quoted in U.S. News and World Report discussing the death of the 60/40 method for investing. Matt talks about how it’s important to consider the entire universe of investments. For example, real estate doesn’t historically correlate to market movements and can be a strong hedge against volatility. To read the full article click below. Click here to read the full article!

2203, 2019

Derek Gregoire Featured on NECN

Derek Gregoire was recently featured in an interview on NECN talking about credit card mistakes to avoid. He talks about rising interest rates and what that means for credit cards. In his interview with Brian Shactman they go through the common mistakes that people are making when it comes to their accounts, including missing payments and opening too many accounts. Click below to learn more! Click here to watch the full interview!

2901, 2019

Derek on WRKO Radio – How the Patriots Big Game Plan Impacts Your Retirement

SHP’s Founder and Managing Partner, Derek Gregoire, joined VB in the Middle for a featured interview on WRKO Radio where he talked about his favorite topic in retirement. He discussed the importance of creating a game plan for your retirement. Derek welcomes any opportunity where he can relate and compare sports with the world of retirement planning. CLICK BELOW to listen to his featured WRKO interview! Just think about all of the time and effort that goes into an entire football season, along with the prep work needed for each game including the big game that determines the world champion. Your retirement game plan will likely need to last you 30 or more years, so it might be a good idea to spend a little more time on a comprehensive retirement strategy rather than your spread for the [...]

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