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At SHP Financial, we’re honored and humbled to be regularly called upon by members of the media to provide our financial thoughts and opinions on various current news topics. We invite you to explore some of our latest media interviews and appearances below.




411, 2019

Joe Anderson was Featured on NBC10 News

Joe Anderson was featured on a recent NBC10 segment on scary financial habits. In the segment they discuss money moves that can haunt your finances and Joe points out that one of the major issues is that people don’t even know how much they’re spending. He recommends keeping track of your purchases, even small ones like your daily cup of coffee. He also talks about how important it is to check your credit score and understand what that number means. Click here to watch Joe’s full interview!  

2810, 2019

Mark Kenney Featured on NBC10 News

Recently, Mark Kenney was featured on NBC10 Town Hall Special discussing the student debt dilemma. He sat down with students and other panel guests to share their thoughts on this important topic that affects so many people. In this segment, Mark explains how this student debt affects retirement and how peoples plans can be affected when they have to work longer to pay down their student debt. He goes on to explain that it’s all about having a conversation and setting expectations for what you’ll need to save. Click here to watch the full clip!  

1810, 2019

Matt Peck’s Latest Article Featured in Kiplinger!

Matt’s Latest Article “Use the Right Tools to Build a Portfolio Made to Withstand Modern Worries” was recently published in Kiplinger. Matt talks about how tools like Riskalyze and Monte Carlo can help ensure that your portfolio meets your goals while still allowing you to feel secure in your investments. It’s nearly impossible for investors to avoid worrying about risk, but it’s also hard to keep up with all the latest news and updates. That’s why Matt suggests tips to balance life with understanding your vulnerability to risk and avoid worrying too much. Click here to read the full article!

810, 2019

Matt Peck’s Featured Interview with VB in the Middle

On Monday, October 7th Matt Peck was interviewed by VB in the Middle to discuss what’s been going on in the markets and how to approach market volatility. He compares 2018 and 2019 and explains some of the factors that may be behind the market volatility we’ve experienced including interest rates, fear of a recession, trade wars and the current political landscape. October is traditionally one of the most volatile times, so it’s important to be prepared. Click to Hear the Full Interview!

1508, 2019

Derek Gregoire’s Featured Interview with VB in the Middle

Recently, Derek Gregoire, cofounder of SHP Financial, joined VB in the Middle to talk about market volatility. Derek explains what you should do if you are facing a down market and how to be prepared for a market correction if you are close to or in retirement. They discuss that we don’t know when a market correction will happen, so it’s important to make sure your plan is prepared for anything because a drop or correction could have a big impact on your portfolio. VB compares Derek’s advice to fixing your roof before the rain, as opposed to after it’s already raining. Click below to hear Derek’s full interview!

3007, 2019

Keith Ellis Featured Interview with VB in the Middle

Keith Ellis of SHP Financial joins VB in the middle to talk about how to plan for your retirement. They discuss how some people spend more time planning for a summer vacation than they do their retirement. This may leave them unprepared for the years ahead. Are there any hidden costs you should be aware of as you approach your retirement? What about Long-Term Care options? Keith shares with the listeners how to prepare for retirement, and the importance of planning for the unexpected. Click to hear the full featured interview!

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