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At SHP Financial, we’re honored and humbled to be regularly called upon by members of the media to provide our financial thoughts and opinions on various current news topics. We invite you to explore some of our latest media interviews and appearances below.




1508, 2019

Derek Gregoire’s Featured Interview with VB in the Middle

Recently, Derek Gregoire, cofounder of SHP Financial, joined VB in the Middle to talk about market volatility. Derek explains what you should do if you are facing a down market and how to be prepared for a market correction if you are close to or in retirement. They discuss that we don’t know when a market correction will happen, so it’s important to make sure your plan is prepared for anything because a drop or correction could have a big impact on your portfolio. VB compares Derek’s advice to fixing your roof before the rain, as opposed to after it’s already raining. Click below to hear Derek’s full interview!

3007, 2019

Keith Ellis Featured Interview with VB in the Middle

Keith Ellis of SHP Financial joins VB in the middle to talk about how to plan for your retirement. They discuss how some people spend more time planning for a summer vacation than they do their retirement. This may leave them unprepared for the years ahead. Are there any hidden costs you should be aware of as you approach your retirement? What about Long-Term Care options? Keith shares with the listeners how to prepare for retirement, and the importance of planning for the unexpected. Click to hear the full featured interview!

2407, 2019

Keith Ellis Was Quoted in GoBankingRates & Yahoo! Finance

Recently, Keith Ellis was featured in an article titled 100 Ways to Make Your Money Last Until You’re 100. The article discusses many different ways that can help you prepare to live longer. On average, Americans are expected to live until they are 79 years old. This is why it’s important to create a plan that covers all aspect of your retirement, and prepare for the 30 or more years ahead. Keith goes on to explain that one of the mistakes that you can make that might hurt your retirement plan is dipping into their retirement plan early. Some people in their 40s make this mistake in order to help out a family member, whether it be an adult child or an aging parent, but it can definitely hurt your own retirement plans later on. Click below [...]

1107, 2019

Joe Anderson was featured on MarketWatch – He makes $150,000 a year, she makes $75,000: Is it ‘unreasonable’ to split costs 50/50?

Recently, Joe Anderson was featured on MarketWatch in an article discussing whether or not it’s reasonable for a couple to split costs 50/50 when one spouse has a larger income. The article dives into the concept of mixing love and money and how to decide to divide the monthly bills. Joe talks about why the 50/50 role may not be the best option, explaining that it’s important to find balance and if income levels are very different, an even split isn’t always realistic. Joe continues on to clarify that no matter what you decide, it first begins with a review of current bills. Click below to read the full article! Click Here to Read More!

406, 2019

Matt Peck Quoted on RIA Intel

Matt Peck, CFP was recently quoted on RIA Intel in an article titled Bonds: Making Clients Take Their Medicine. He discusses how fixed income bonds can help save clients from themselves. He then goes on to explain how to decide on what percentage of your portfolio should consist of stocks and bonds and in what way that changes as you become closer to retirement. Peck remarks that stability isn’t sexy, and balance is necessary. Click here to read the full article!

2205, 2019

Keith Ellis featured on NBC 10 News

Keith Ellis was featured on NBC 10 News in a segment called “Cleaning The Clutter.” Keith discusses some simple steps to help you start spring cleaning your finances. In Keith’s 5 tips, he talks about first addressing frivolous spending habits and starting to catch up on late payments. Keith also notes that it’s important to make sure your beneficiary forms are up to date each year. To watch the full interview click below! Or, to read the full article, click here! Click here to watch the full interview!

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